There’s A Job Going For Bearded Men That Pays £30 An Hour

By Jack Beresford

December 12, 2017

Christmas is an expensive time of year, with presents to be paid for, parties to attend and general merriment to be had.

But help could be at hand for anyone rocking a particularly impressive beard, because a leading British male grooming brand needs you. 

Mo Bro’s is recruiting bearded men for a £30 an hour role that requires them to do little more than stand around, looking hairy. Well, almost.

These bearded men will need to be on hand for three days at the high Cross Shopping Centre in Leicester from December 20 to help man a pop-up “beard stroking” stand designed to help de-stress any last-minute Christmas shoppers.

Now this might all sound rather unusual – and it definitely is – but there is some science to it.

According to research, “warm touches” between people have been shown to release Oxytocin in the brain. This is the hormone that helps reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Stroking fur is also said to improve heart rate and blood pressure.

The beard stroking station is therefore the perfect way to help everyone relax, with shoppers invited to register online first before heading to the stall for either 10 or 20 minut stroke of a beard of their choice.

It will cost just £5 per five minutes, with all of the funds raised going to the charity Shelter.

Any bearded men hoping to land one of the £30-an-hour roles can apply online but it’s worth noting that Mo Bro’s are only accepting applications from beards that are at least two inches long, with any longer, Santa-esque, beards likely to be given preference.

That means no pube beards. Sorry guys.

Savan Dattani, co-founder of Mo Bro’s, said:

“Christmas is a stressful time of year for most people. You’re in a mad rush trying to buy presents, food and drink, whilst juggling work, a family and other commitments. We had a think of how we could make this situation more enjoyable, and it suddenly came to us – a beard stroking station! We have a few guys with fantastic beards already signed up, but we could do with a few more because we anticipate demand to be high. Santa beards preferred, but not essential!

“It’s fairly common knowledge that stroking soft things, like animals, reduces stress, but we didn’t want to enlist the help of animals because they obviously can be somewhat unpredictable and chaotic! So, doing what we do, we thought beards are the next best thing! We’ll have an array of products available to use, so the beards will be soft and will smell great. Guests of the station can even brush them if they like!”

Yeah, we might draw the line at brushing them. You never know what sort of bacteria might be lurking in there. Oh wait, yes we do