What happened to BBC test card girl Carole Hersee?

See what TV's most famous face looks like 50 years on.

BBC Test Card F
Carole Hersee The test card image has become one of the most famous images in TV Image BBC

You may not know the name Carole Hersee, but you’ll definitely recognise her.

Carole was the face of the famous BBC test card for 30 years, and she still holds the record for being the most aired face in British television history – but where is she now?

Aged just 8, Carole’s photograph was first introduced in 1967, and quickly became one of the most iconic images in British TV history.

Nearly 50 years on, Carole looks quite different, but she still celebrates the image that made her a star.

Half a century on, Carole is now an accomplished costume designer, and has worked on productions of Les Misérable and Phantom of the Opera.

Amazingly, she has also created costumes for Hollywood films The Last Emperor, Flash Gordon and Dangerous Liaisons.

“Now I make period costume for the stage: for Phantom of the Opera, stuff for Les Miserables for America…” she said in an 2011 interview.

Speaking about how the classic image originally came about, Carole said: “My father was helping to design the colour test card and took some photographs at home of my sister and I to give them some ideas of how they could use it.

“And the committee decided in the end that they would use a child in order to get facial colours for the television. And they decided to use me!”

See the famous test card in action below:

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