This Is Officially The BBC’s Sexiest Series Of All Time

Versailles averages three sex scenes per episode.

Anna Brewster in Versailles
Versailles Anna Brewster in the BBC romp Image Picture BBC

BBC series Versailles is back on telly tonight, and it’s set to be raunchier than anything ever seen on the network before.

We already knew what the second series of the steamy period drama opens with a graphic orgy sequence, so it’ll come as no great surprise to hear that Versailles has officially been revealed as the sexiest BBC series of all time.

It’s been revealed that the second series contains a total of 30 sex scenes, which means the show boasts three sex scenes per episode on average – a record even ‘tits and dragons’ romp Game of Thrones would struggle to match.

The show’s second run contains just about everything you could imagine – full frontal nudity, graphic sex scenes, oral sex scenes, group sex scenes… it’s all in there.

Versailles follows the reign of young King Louis XIV in 17th century France during the construction of the Palace of Versailles, as well as the devious sex lives of those around him.


It’s definitely the broadcaster’s raciest series to date, and it’s probably not one to watch with your parents…

A BBC Spokesperson spoke about the show’s raunchy reputation, saying: “Versailles is an established series shown after 9pm on BBC2 and its content is nothing beyond the expectations of a post-watershed UK television audience.”

It was previously revealed that the opening episode of the new series begins with the king’s brother Philippe, Duke of Orleans and his lover Chevalier de Lorraine and three others, all naked and piled on top of each other in bed.

See the scene when Versailles returns tonight (April 21) at 9.30 on BBC Two.

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