Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition trailer reveals Jena Malone as major DC Comics character

Can you take three hours of this again?

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice wasn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

Even one of the film’s stars, Jeremy Irons, has been giving it a hard time by branding it “muddled”. That’s slightly more diplomatic than the 27% approval rating it received on Rotten Tomatoes.

Director Zack Snyder’s superhero punch ’em up clocked in at a staggeringly long two-and-a-half hours, but the film was cut down from its original three-hour running time at studio Warner Bros’ request.

However, the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Blu-ray (out on August 1) will restore the film to whatever original ‘glory’ Snyder intended.

“There’s a little bit of action, there’s a little bit of violence that we trimmed out for the MPAA that we put back,” Snyder said of his director’s cut. “The Batman warehouse rescue, there’s a couple shots of Doomsday that were too intense. “Then there’s a little bit longer ending, sort of the ending sequence, and the opening of the movie, the North Africa sequence is really much different.”

Jena Malone in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition
Batgirl? Jena Malone in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition. Image Picture Warner Bros

A trailer for the 180-minute bum-number has been released and it reveals a shedload of footage that never made it into the cinema version of the film, chiefly a character player by The Hunger Games and Sucker Punch’s Jena Malone.

“There’s a little bit of action, there’s a little bit of violence.”

Early chatter had her pegged as playing Barbara Gordon, aka, Batgirl, and that was seemingly confirmed just prior to the blockbuster’s March release.

This new Dawn Of Justice teaser gives a glimpse of her dishing out a sarcastic quip to Lois Lane, so expect more of this when the Blu-ray hits shelves.

If Malone is indeed Batgirl, then this marks the character’s first appearance since Alicia Silverstone played her in the disastrous Batman & Robin.

Seeing as Wonder Woman was one of the only good things to emerge from Dawn Of Justice, here’s hoping Malone’s Barbara Gordon makes it worth another spin.

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