Batman Begins Finally Gets An Honest Trailer But It’s Worth The Wait

And it’s fair to say they don’t hold back on ‘How Bruce Wayne Got His Groove Back’.

Batman Begins
The Batman Christian Bale in the original. Image Warner Bros. Pictures

Screen Junkies have made mock trailers something of an art form over the years.

The YouTube channel’s popular Honest Trailers series racks up millions of views every week, thanks to some witty and well-observed jokes on some of the biggest and best movies ever made – as well as a few turkeys besides.

Given the Screen Junkies comic book leanings, however, you would think they had pretty much covered all of the big superhero releases of years gone by.

But you would be very wrong, as it turns out one big screen adaptation of a graphic novel had gone untouched, until now of course.

To most people Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins represents a near-perfect origins story. 

And while the Honest Trailers massive are inclined to agree, they still do a bang up job of finding things to poke fun at.

“So good it allowed Christopher Nolan to do whatever he wanted,” the voiceover notes early on, before adding “…except distance himself from the franchise.”

Whether it’s Batman’s ridiculous “bat shoes” or the fact that the central threat of the film “sounds like something Adam West would go up against”, pretty much nothing is safe.

Michael Caine’s Alfred is “a butler so loyal, he’ll drag Batman’s sedated girlfriend into the back of a car, no questions asked” while Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox “might be helping Bruce Wayne become a better serial killer for all he knows.” 

Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon, meanwhile, is labelled “Ned Flanders” while the entire movie earns the new name of “How Bruce Wayne Got His Groove Back.”

Comedy gold from start to finish.

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