Barb From Stranger Things Looks VERY Different Without Her Glasses

Turns out actress Shannon Purser is pretty unrecognisable off-set.

Stranger Things' Barb
Barb Shannon Purser looks VERY different with those specs on Image Netflix/Instagram/shannonpurser

Stranger Things favourite Barb might be familiar to millions of TV fans, but the actress who plays her is pretty unrecognisable when she’s not in costume.

Shannon Purser stars as the loveable character in the hugely popular Netflix sci-fi series, but off-screen, she looks completely different.

Even without Bar’s signature thick-rimmed glasses and 80s wardrobe, the 19-year-old actress has a bold look in real life, and she’s always treating her Instagram followers to selfies.

There's no nonchalant way to caption a selfie.

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Great day at LA Comic Con. Now it's time for food and Netflix.

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What a life.

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It turns out Shannon’s isn’t just a talented actress – she’s also a singer, and she recently posted a a cappella version of Dream A Little Dream by Mama Cass.

One of my favorite songs. Dream A Little Dream- Mama Cass

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As fans of Stranger Things will know, Shannon’s character Barbara ‘Barb’ Holland, loyal best friend to Natalia Dyer’s Nancy Wheeler, was last seen being dragged into the Upside Down alternate dimension.

She could be a bigger focus in season two though, after Netflix released a ‘Where’s Barb?’ spoof news report for Halloween.

Stranger Things became the surprise TV hit of the summer in 2016, and it was previously reported that the series is bigger than both of Netflix’s Marvel properties Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Watch the trailer for Stranger Things season one below:

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