Barack Obama has the perfect takedown for Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel

Don't mess with the POTUS.

Barack Obama reads Meen Tweets
Barack Obama Trump just got shutdown on Jimmy Kimmell Image YouTube/JimmyKimmellLive

Can’t Barack Obama just stay on for another four years? Not only is he the coolest president of all time, but he’s just showed he’s the funniest too.

Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (October 24), and had the perfect shutdown for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Reading out one of Trump’s many inflammatory tweets about him, Obama said: “Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States – @RealDonaldtrump,” 

And he had the best comeback…

“Well, @RealDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president.” 

*drops mic*

He went on to speak about Donald Trump’s late night tweeting habits, saying: “I don’t tweet about people who’ve insulted me. I try to sleep so that in the morning I’m actually ready for crises.”

Obama also had an amazing story to tell about Bill Murray, who visited the White House last week.

“He came into the Oval Office in a Cubs shirt, and I don’t usually allow that. First of all, most people come in a shirt and tie. I get no tie, but don’t rub it in with a Cubs jersey,” he said.

“So we thought of a little skit [about signing up for healthcare], decided we were going to putt on the carpet, and somebody grabbed a glass, and he won repeatedly,” Obama said. 

“The glass was rigged. Then he’s giving me tips about putting. Seriously – he’s all, ‘I think your right hand’s a little too firm.’ He took money from me – I paid him $5. Basically the whole visit was a disaster.”

Whoever wins the upcoming US election, one thing’s for sure – we’re really going to miss Barack Obama.

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