This Nightclub Advert Has Been Banned In The UK – Can You See Why?

Just have a guess…

Shocking to say the least.
Shocking To say the least.

A nightclub advert has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for entirely understandable reasons.

Club chain Lola Lo lands itself in serious hot water after posting the ad online, which was originally created to promote its weekly “Coco Beach” night.

It didn’t take long before people picked up on a major issue with the promo image used – it objectified women in a manner that may have had some onlookers wondering if they had stepped into a time machine and landed on the set of a 1970s porn film.

The offending image depicts a woman with her mouth wide open and eyes shut while a clear liquid being squirted into her eye and all over her face.

Subtlety evidently isn’t Lola Lo’s strong point, with the accompanying caption stating: “leaving to imagination what’s out of shot.”

the offensive nightclub sign.
Can you see any problems? Of course you can

Two complaints were made about the advert, which was deemed offensive in objectifying women. The ASA upheld the complaints, claiming the nightclub had ultimately failed to explain what the ad was denoting.

The ASA said:

“We considered that the way the model was posed with her head titled back, her mouth wide open with her tongue extended out and the liquid being poured out of shot, meant that the image was inherently sexual in nature.”

That wasn’t the only thing that the ASA objected to though, with the ad also banned for encouraging “eyeballing” – the act of consuming shots of vodka and other spirits through the eye.

All traces of the ad have since been removed from the club’s Facebook and Twitter pages. It comes just days after a restaurant in China courted controversy over a poster offering discounts to female customers, depending on their bra size.

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