The Bank Robbers Who Stole £800,000 Using A Vacuum Cleaner

The “gang à l’aspirateur” has pulled off a string of bank raids without getting caught.

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Some bank jobs are brash, extravagant affairs full of masked men and guns. Others, like the ones that took place from 2006 to 2011 in France are altogether different.

For five years, French supermarket giant Monoprix was victim to an astonishing 15 night-time heists.
Each and every time, the authorities were left baffled by what they saw on the CCTV tapes left behind – a group of masked men and a whole lot of vacuum cleaners.

Dubbed the “Gang à l’aspirateur” or vacuum gang, this mysterious group of bandits were able to steal thousands using a drill and a modified vacuum cleaner.

In doing so, the gang were able to exploit Monoprix’s system for storing cash, which saw envelopes of money funnelled into the safe via pneumatic suction tubes.

Breaching the safe would have required explosives or safecracking, both time consuming and potentially loud and incriminating, leaving behind a whole lot more evidence of their crime to boot.

With this method, they needed only to drill into the delivery tubes near the safe and suck all of the money out.

Baffled as to who could be behind the multiple crimes, French police have yet to even identify any suspects in the case.

It’s also unclear as to whether Monoprix has changed the way in which it stores money though, given the drop-off in reported robberies it would appear alterations have been made.

The legend of the “Gang à l’aspirateur” lives on though.

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