Baltic Sea Home To A Mysterious Millennium Falcon-Shaped ‘UFO’

Mystery has surrounded the 200ft wide object since it was discovered by 2012.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly.
The Baltic Sea Anomaly What lies beneath? Image Imgur

The Baltic Sea is home to any number of secrets, lying somewhere within that briny deep, but few are as compelling or mysterious as the one more commonly known as the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

First discovered by explorer Peter Lindberg and a team of  Ocean X marine explorers during a dive for a shipwreck in the area, the object they did discover left pretty much all involved completely baffled.

Standing some 26 feet tall and 200 feet wide, and bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movies, the discovery of object was made all the more strange for the fact that the structure appears to be made from metal rather than rock.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly.
The Baltic Sea Anomaly Sure does look a lot like the Millennium Falcon.

More bizarrely still, during the initial discovery, it was found that both electric and satellite led equipment cut out when near the object.

Speaking to The Express, UFO expert Ryan Castledine set the scene:

 “When they made a dive on the anomaly with cameras the hard drives malfunctioned. They subsequently rescued a few images which do appear to show it is indeed a heavily rusted metallic object.

“The team’s biggest sceptic, Peter Lindberg, has officially been converted. In a telephone interview he has mentioned that now he believes the anomaly to be a very special object, and the whole pursuit for the truth surrounding it, is becoming a very special experience for him and his team.” 

Castledine is something of an authority on the subject and has even put together his own video on the topic for the Mystery History YouTube channel, which he runs.

He’s keen to offer up alternative options as to what the object could be though, suggesting it could yet prove to simply be the tip of an iceberg.

Then there’s the other option; that the object is actually a doorway to something much deeper and darker than we could ever possibly imagine.

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