These Men Created A Ball Pit Of 30,000 Beer Cans Then Went For A Swim

It's not so much a ball pit as it is a beer pit.

When the world gets a little too much to handle, sometimes it’s nice to kick back and relax.

For some folk down in Australia, leaping into a ball pit represents the perfect way to cast off any of those woes. But they don’t use any ordinary ball pit; they prefer a beer pit.

YouTuber Tammy Penhall was the first to chronicle this most unique of recycling led creations, which was put together by an unknown bunch of blokes Down Under.

Located down in Moonta, South Australia, Mashable reports that the pit is the result of some 15 years of can collecting.

Someone is evidently a fan of Victoria Bitter Beer. if the images are anything to go by, with an estimated 30,000 cans collected to create this unique garden feature.

“Some guy actually commented that it would be their dream ball pit. Well, this is your dream beer pit, guys,” Penhall joked on the video.

While loaded doesn’t necessarily endorse a beer pit like this (surely there’s got to be a risk of getting cut or at least scratched by that metal) it does look like a lot of fun.

It’s also far better than leaving a load of cans strewn everywhere. Plus, you’ve got to give credit to whoever drank all that beer.

Now how about a booze-based slip and slide to go alongside it?

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