Video: Bad Lip Reading spoof the biggest names in NFL

Their NFL 2016 roundup features the likes of Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees.

Tom Brady Bad Lip Reading
Tom Brady Talking absolute gibberish.

Every year, YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading overdubs footage from the NFL season, replacing the words with spoof lines. It’s just dropped part one of its NFL 2016 roundup, and it’s hilarious.

According to the vid, Cam Newton doesn’t like snakes, Tom Brady used to shave his ankles to win games (but it wasn’t that fun), Aaron Rodgers is proud to complete a full 360 degree turn and Drew Brees is having an animal-themed party, featuring a fish and a tarantula. Unfortunately, though, the rat can’t make it.

It also shows Falcons receiver Julio Jones explaning what carbon catalyst fue is, as well as match officials declaring their love for The Wu-Tang Clan and proclaiming that Krypton is not a planet.

In short: You should watch it.

Cam Newton is spoofed in the Bad Lip Reading NFL 2015 roundup – Loaded
Snakes at a game Cam Newton isn’t sure if the snake has bitten anyone, but he doesn’t want to go near it. Image Photo Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

The 2015 NFL video from Bad Lip Reading had 33 million views, and other highlights from the channel includes adapting footage from the Presidential debates as well as The Hunger Games and the Twilight sagas.

The NFL 2016 roundup comes in the lead-up to this weekend’s Super Bowl 50 between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos at the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco on Sunday. Yesterday it was revealed how much advertisers spend to feature during the coverage of the game, after last year’s Super Bowl became the most watched broadcast in US television history, with 114 million viewers.

Coldplay are this year’s half-time performers in a set also featuring Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

As well as being a focal point of the Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 roundup, Cam Newton stole the show at yesterday’s Super Bowl press day in California, after a reporter there challenged the Carolina Panthers quarterback to a rap battle.

That showdown comes after the Panthers have demonstrated themselves to be the NFL team with the strongest ties to the hip hop world. Panthers have played Future tracks to bate opponents at their home games, with the Atlantan trap star also present at their NFC Championship showdown with Arizona Cardinals. Newton also breaks out the infamous dab – a dance made famous in the trap scene – pretty much every time he scores.

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