Watch: Drunk Guy Attempts Nightclub Backflip In Hilarious Viral Clip

This could be the stupidest thing anyone's ever done in a nightclub, ever.

Backflip video
Backflip A brave effort Image Twitter/@JamieCubiss

Here at loaded, we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve done stupid stuff when we’re drunk.

We’re not proud of some of the dumb things we’ve done after one too many jaegerbombs in nightclubs either. However, one thing we haven’t done is bet everyone in a club that we can backflip…

One brave guy took things to a whole new level of drunken antics recently after he claimed he could perform a whole backwards somersault from a standing position during a night out.

It’s a pretty tough task at the best of times, but add a bucket load of booze into the mix and it’s nigh on impossible.

Watched on by a crowd of clubbers in Mega Bar & Hype Nightclub in Motherwell, Scotland this weekend, one plucky drunk guy attempted the feat… with mixed results.

Watch the clip below:


After a big build-up, which sees the guy start a countdown, he jumps back… and faceplants the floor.

He gets up, his T-shirt and face covered in gunk from the nightclub floor, and looks a little sheepish.

Despite all the confidence he showed in the lead up to the jump, we can’t imagine he’ll be doing it again soon. It was a heroic effort nonetheless, and as far as drunk bets go, it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Unnamed drunk Scottish dude, loaded salutes you.

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