What Year Would You Be In If You Went Back To School?

Take This Quiz And Find Out.

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz would blush at some of this. Image Columbia Pictures

Your school days are supposed to rank among the best of your life but, for a fair few people out there, that’s a load of bollocks.

A lot of the time it was bloody awful and the school work had a big role to play in that. The essays, the exams, the coursework – there was just so much of it all! Thankfully those days of being stuck behind a desk performing pointless and often boring tasks are behind us all though, right? Oh wait…

Have you ever wondered how much of that accumulated knowledge has stuck though? Or how you would fare if sent back to school now? Would you be a high flyer up to the standard of the average Year 11 pupil or still back in Year 7.

Fortunately, online local services marketplace Bidvine.com has put together a 20-question quiz to find out the truth covering the whole range of subjects.

How will you get on? Badly would be our guess but there’s really only one way to find out.


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