B.o.B Still Believes The Earth Is Flat And He’s Got A Plan To Prove It

The rapper is raising funds to send a satellite into space – but it’s not going well.

B.o.B back in 2015.Image Getty

Remember when B.o.B was better known a string of smash hit singles rather than his outlandish belief that the world is, in fact, flat?

The 28-year-old, born Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., scored back-to-back no.1 hits with his first two singles “Nothing On You” and “Airplanes” but went a little off the radar in the years that followed.

Then, in January 2016, B.o.B took to Twitter to express his belief that Earth is flat. He subsequently became embroiled in a war of words with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson that eventually spilled over into diss tracks on either side. It was very weird.

Well, now things have got a little weirder because B.o.B, now a fully-fledged member of the Flat Earth Society, is looking to settle the debate once and for all by sending a satellite into space.

You might think there are already plenty of satellites orbiting Earth already but it seems B.o.B isn’t buying that – Flat Earthers believe they are simply part of the wider conspiracy concerning information control.

Flat Earth
Flat Earth An artist's interpretation.

Anyway, the rapper has already pledged $1,000 towards the cause of helping “Find the curve” though they are still some way off reaching the total. At the time of writing, B.o.B had raised $2,616, including his own $1,000 stake. He needs to reach a total of $1 million.

Those pledging have offered a mixed bag of supporter.

Alexander Pitt, who donated $5, said: “There’s a lot of truth behind the Earth being flat, I’ll just like to be there to see when satellite goes up, put me in the think tank room.”

Jason Moffatt added “I got $5 on it only because I love supporting absolutely batshit crazy stuff. And hey, cheap advertising!”

Anyone seeking to hear more from B.o.B on the subject should check out his song, Flatline, which is about the very same topic.

If you want to donate to find out the truth or shut the rapper and his Flat Earther mates up for good can head to the go fund me page here.

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