The Awkward Looking £40 Nose Job Alternative That’s A Hit In 2017

Why splurge on expensive cosmetic surgery when a bit of PVC will do the job?

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In these austere times, we’re all being forced to seeking out cheaper alternatives to the things we know and love and that apparently includes plastic surgery choices.

According to a report from Marie Claire, the latest in vogue trend has seen women and men ditching expensive cosmetic nose job procedures in favour of far cheaper alternatives.

The most prominent is a device known as the nose lifter, championed by Raiza Contawi. It’s a pretty simple bit of kit. Users insert a tiny flexible splint of PVC into their nasal cavity.

Then comes the tough bit – you have to press your nostrils together in a procedure that by all accounts is painful and awkward all at once.

Not convinced? Check out the video demonstrating below and then tell us you aren’t tempted to at least try it – and that goes for the guys out there too:

The main plus behind the new phenomenon is that it should cost you something in the region of £30 to £40, which is a hell of a lot less than what you would shell out on going under the knife.

Best of all, the Nose Lifter comes in an array of sizes, ranging from petite, small, medium and large – so something for every nostril, however big or small.

Yes, even Gerard Depardieu. They got you covered.

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