Aussies Are Stripping Off For Stunning Instagram Account Get Naked Australia

The page is spreading body positivity in the best way possible.

Get Naked Australia
Get Naked Australia The empowering Instagram account Image Instagram/getnakedaustralia

There are plenty of stunning accounts on Instagram, but none of them are as inspiring as Get Naked Australia.

May Contain Girl, College Babes and Vitacouture have all been getting attention online over recent weeks, but the Aussie account might be the best of the lot.

The account aims to spread body positivity across the country by urging social media users to share naked pictures of themselves enjoying the outdoors.

As the Daily Mail reports, the page – which has racked up over 50,000 followers – was started by health professional Brendan Jones.




Brendan posted a picture of himself enjoying the great outdoors in the buff, and hundreds of people quickly got in touch to share their own images.

“No one thought it was weird, it was well-received and encouraged,” he said.

Men and women from all over the country have posed nude for the account, which must be one of the most feel-good pages on the social media site.





Speaking to Australian paper Illawarra Mercury, Brendan said that “people shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to go skinny dipping or go to a nude beach,” and that “being naked in nature is way for people to overcome their image problems,” and hit back at bodyshamers in style.



Brendan has started something special with the Instagram account, and you don’t have to be an Aussie to appreciate how great it is.

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