Aussie Inventors Create World’s Greatest Slip And Slide

A group of blokes from Canberra could go down in history thanks to this.

Australia What a country

Australia has been the source of many a life-changing invention down the years from black box recorders to electronic pacemakers and even Google Maps. 

But a couple of blokes have found a way to go one better than all of that and all it took was a hose, some washing up liquid, a tarpaulin and one pimped up clothes line.

The result is a contender for the world’s greatest Slip and Slide, created to coincide with the recent Australia Day celebrations.


There’s something extra special about this particular Slip and Slide though which, thanks to the presence of a spinning washing line at its centre, allows the rider to essentially slip and slide for all eternity – or at least until they start feeling queasy.

Part old school roundabout, another part ultimate slip and slide, the guys behind this incredible feat of human engineering have yet to patent their new invention.

It should be stressed that it’s not for the faint of heart though – excessive spinning could, for example, send the rider flying off into a ditch, bush or something far worse. 

Still, it’s a pretty amazing invention and definitely on a par with other Australian innovations like Wi-Fi. Yeah, they invented that too.

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