Attention! 5 Tricks That Will Make Her Orgasm In 15 Minutes Flat

The ultimate quickie

Climax Albert Pocej photographed orgasming women in the name of art. Image Albert Pocej

The female orgasm is a sticky wicket; it can be difficult for your lady to arrive at the party if you know what we’re saying.

It’s actually very normal for a woman not to come during sex, this special reflex takes a lot of care and attention to achieve. Scientists blame evolution for this conundrum; the female clitoris has moved around the genital area a bit over time. Now, some reports claim that 43% of women struggle.

Never fear, loaded has your back, we’ve found five tricks for getting her there in 15 minutes.



Give us a kiss

Studies have shown that kissing reduces the stress hormone cortisol and quickens arousal. You should be kissing her for the first three minutes at least. Don’t focus solely on the mouth either, the skin is the largest organ in the body. Have at it all.  


Keep your knickers on

When those three smoochy minutes are up time to start taking clothes off but keep underwear on. Use your hands and caress her in all the right places. This is about warming her up from the inside out. Do this for at least two minutes.  

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Pussy Patois

This bit is very important. Its all about the tongue, and studies show that it is the most reliable road to a happy ending. Spend three or four minutes down there.  


Lift Off

A study claimed that on average women climax seven minutes in so, now is the perfect time to get on in there. By far the best position to achieve orgasm is taking her from behind – you’ll be hitting her G-spot in no time. But do not ignore the clitoris, keeping both in the game is a guaranteed way to a home run. 




The Final Stretch 

This is the last minute and the only thing you have to do to make sure she doesn’t lose her edge is to stay in the same position. Switching it up too much can greatly affect arousal as its a bit distracting. Stay in the zone. 


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