Ashley Greene angry with Joe Jonas over Reddit virginity story

"Just Google it."

Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene The Twilight star on the red carpet. Image Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Former Disney star and Jonas Brothers crooner Joe Jonas took part in a Reddit AMA session earlier this week – and when the thread is ‘ask me anything’ it really was about anything.

Jonas, who once wielded a chastity ‘promise’ ring (said promise is now well and truly broken), told Reddit users that he lost his virginity to a girl called Ashley and encouraged people to “just Google it”.

“It’s pretty easy to figure out,” he wrote. “I dated a girl named Ashley, so just Google it to figure out which Ashley that is.”

“I dated a girl named Ashley, so just Google it…”

Internet sleuths will be able to find out that Jonas and Twilight star Greene were once an item but split up in 2011.

His cherry-busting story is one with an important message… if a little misguided considering he practically named his partner.

“It’s quite the great story because I didn’t have any condoms so I went to our drummer, Jack’s room, who was my roommate at the time and I demolished his room looking for them. Found them underneath his underwear drawer,” Jonas said.

“When he came home, he thought somebody broke into his room because his whole room was demolished because I was in dire need. Needed to happen then and now. Safety first, kids.”

Greene does not seem best pleased with the revelations from her ex, turning to Instagram to post a thinly-veiled dig at Jonas.

A photo posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on

“I agree. I don’t think most people would want the world to know their personal business,” replied one of Greene’s followers, emmpee1.

They probably have a point. Bit of a clanger you’ve dropped there, Joe!

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