Ashley Graham turns private dancer in new video

She's getting down and dirty on a subway train. This is not a drill.

Ashley Graham posing on the red carpet.
Gorgeous Graham Ashley has left us aghast but in a good way. Image Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

“I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money,” Tina Turner once sang and, 32 years on from its release, Ashley Graham has us humming this famous tune all over again.

The plus-size pin-up is enjoying something of a breakout 2016, having already starred in a stunning cover shoot for Maxim and previously in the latest incarnation of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

However, Graham has taken things to a whole other level online, having taken to Instagram to perform what can only really be termed as a “private dance.”

And it’s odd to even call it that, given that the majority of her 1.6 million followers are likely to have tuned into the rather risqué little dance clip.

In any case, few people are complaining about the content with user comment highlights including “Yasssss she slays!” and the rather poetic “goals goals goals.”

Quite what is going on in the clip is unclear: either Graham has woken up on an empty subway car having missed her stop and is taking it all in her stride or it’s a ghost train and she is attempting to seduce any menacing ghouls in close proximity with a bit of sexy swaying.

Either way, she is on to a winner.

It all adds up to another good day at the office for the woman who really should have garnered the nickname Golden Grahams from the tabloids, given the Midas touch she has seemingly possessed in recent months.

Then again, maybe Golden Grahams are not as a popular as they used to be, meaning any such associated would only have a negative effect on the Ashley Graham brand.

Mind you, it is not every day that you hear of any models being linked with a particular brand of cereal; otherwise, Jo Frost would have probably teamed up with Tony the Tiger a long time ago.

One thing is for sure: Ashley Graham Instagram posts are probably not something you want to share at the breakfast table, particularly if there are children of a sensitive disposition in close proximity.

Maybe leave this one for lunch or even dinner.

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