Ashley Graham Takes The Prize For Sexiest Mannequin Challenge Attempt Yet

The plus-size model pulled off arguably the most eye-catching effort yet.

Plus Size model and body activist Ashley Graham.
Ashley Graham Model and body activist Image Getty

Ashley Graham has reasserted her status as one of the undisputed standout out models of 2016 thanks to arguably the sexiest Mannequin Challenge attempt yet.

The 28-year-old has been one of the few bright spots of an otherwise rubbish 12 months.

As much a body activist as she is a model, Graham’s core message that all bodies and good bodies has helped shift some of the stereotypes associated with the industry and the ideas that surround feminine beauty and shape.

Ashley Graham on Instagram.
Ashley Graham On Instagram Image Ashley Graham/Instagram

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed either, with the model immortalised in doll form by Barbie in recognition of her efforts in encouraging body positivity at the 2016 Glamour Women of the Year awards.

As if that wasn’t enough already, Graham has now gone and starred in arguably the most eye-catching Mannequin Challenge yet.

Put together as part of a photo shoot for Addition Elle, who specialise in clothing for women sizes 12 to 26, the clip sees Graham at the centre of proceedings and sporting a magenta bra-and-panty set as part of a pre-arranged photo shoot.


A contender for arguably the sexiest Mannequin Challenge you are ever likely to see, it would appear that there is no end in sight for the social media craze calling on people to pretend they are articulated dolls for the camera.

Next week: Graham goes back to her roots with an old school “planking” attempt.

Remember all that nonsense?

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