This Cheesy Chips Mega Pizza Is The Perfect Post-Pub Grub

Everyone loves pizza, chips and cheese – so what’s the problem.

A cheesy pizza with chips.

UK supermarket chain ASDA has been taking oven pizza in some pretty interesting directions for some time now but its latest creation is something else.

Forget all day breakfast pizzas or sausage filled crusts; the latest innovation in the world of oven pizza is cheesy chips.

There’s no secret recipe here; it’s a pizza topped with cheesy chops and boasting, to quote ASDA, a “banging base” whatever the hell that means.

“We know the nation has a soft spot for cheesy chips, it’s an undeniable guilty pleasure that deserves to be honoured and what better way than on top of a pizza?” An ASDA spokesperson said.

“If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence to create the perfect Big Night In, look no further.”

Cheesy chip pizzas are already a popular post-night out delicacy up north and it was only a matter of time before they made their way down south.

Measuring 13.5 inches in diameter and retailing at a hefty £4.50, the cheesy chips pizza isn’t ever likely to be your go-to dinner of choice on an average weekday night.

Asda's Cheesy Chips Pizza.

But cut to 4am on a Sunday morning following a busy Saturday night out with your mates and this might just be the best thing you could ever find in your freezer.

All that stodge and cheese is sure to help soak up that alcohol and ensure you wake later that day feeling refre … alright, maybe refreshed is a stretch but the chances are you will feel a lot better than you would have done without the pizza.

Just be careful operating that oven under the influence of alcohol. Set lots of timers on your phone and have a glass of water to wake yourself up.

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