Art or just plain odd? The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Everyday is a Facebook phenomenon

The internet loves Jeff Goldblum – but you probably didn’t realise how much.

Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic ParkImage Picture Universal

In the early 20th century Dadaism, an art movement of the European avant-garde, swept through Europe with its chief proponents rejecting logic in favour of chaos and irrationality as part of a protest at the society of the time.

100 years on from that and protests of a different, digital kind, are going on every day across platforms like Facebook.

Perhaps that’s why the Facebook group ‘The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Everyday’ has attracted some 269,111 total page likes and counting since it arrived on the social media platform.

The concept is pretty much exactly as you would expect – the same picture of Jeff Goldblum in his 1990s heyday with a single finger to the lips, shushing the viewer, is uploaded to the page every day.

The same photograph of Jeff Goldlum every day.
The Jeff Goldblum image Every. Day. Image The same photograph of Jeff Goldlum every day.

In an ideal world, you would like to think this is some modernist form of Dada, with the group’s creator using the medium of Goldblum to make a comment on the monotonous, photo-led, nature of our daily lives and social media use.

However, there is also a sneaking suspicion that the whole thing is just one big, dumb joke, with no deeper meaning other than a desire to see Goldblum’s gorgeous face every day.

Either way, it’s attracted quite an audience and even spawned a few follow-on copycats, who post their own pictures in the comments of each daily dose of ‘The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Everyday’.

dogExamples include the same picture of a Labrador looking out to sea with Goldblum’s face covering the sun, or the repeated image of a visibly freaked out “Gareth on a roller coster in the comments of the same photo of Jeff Goldblum everyday.”


With the number of comment-based photos posted on the picture every day, it’s fair to say that this Facebook phenomenon shows no signs of fading away just yet.

In most cases this concept might get annoying. Not with Goldblum though. Top work guys, whatever the hell it is you are doing anyway.

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