Slap on the wrist


Video: Arsenal and St Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke slammed by fans

By Pearse Corcoran

February 08, 2016

Gooners be warned: frustrated fans of American football team Los Angeles Rams are taking to Twitter to criticise owner Stan Kroneke. 

Wealthy fan Terry Crouppen, an attorney, spent an estimated $5m on a 30-second Super Bowl ad to lay into the American billionaire.  

Kroneke recently announced he’s developing a new 80,000 stadium in Inglewood, California, to house the new look Rams, to the fury of the club’s St Louis fanbase. It’s provoked the #SlamStan hashtag against Kroenke, who also owns Arsenal.

“We were loyal to our football team,” Crouppen fumes in his ad. “We bought their tickets, wore their jerseys, bought their over-priced beer. We cheered them year after losing year. And in return, they trashed us, then left us.”

Crouppen added: “Stan, you’re worth $8 billion. That’s not enough? Well here’s some free advice: Just because it’s legal and you’re rich enough to do it, that doesn’t make it right.”

Explaining his actions later, the attorney didn’t hold back: “I’ve heard from hundreds of friends and strangers in the last few weeks about their disappointment over the Rams’ situation.

“I couldn’t stand silently by while Kroenke broke our city’s heart with the move to Los Angeles. So I do what I’ve done my entire career: I took to the airwaves to advocate on behalf of those who don’t have a say in the matter, but who care as deeply as I do.”

Kroneke isn’t getting much respite on the issue in England either. Arsenal were forced into a climbdown on Saturday after initially announcing that season ticket holders would have to pay an extra unannounced fee in order to watch the Barcelona game in the Champions League on February 23. 

Arsenal have since cancelled the surcharge. But the news came on the back of a report from Deloitte, who revealed that Arsenal now generate more money on match-days than any club in the world.