Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fitness Regimen May Inspire You To “Put The Cookie Down!”

He underwent emergency open heart surgery back in March!

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These days, Arnold Schwarzenegger would be forgiven for changing up his classic one-liner from “I’ll be back” to “ow, my back”, given his advancing years.

Not only that, but the Austrian Oak has only just undergone emergency open heart surgery last March. No one would begrudge him a bit of time away from the gym.

But Schwarzenegger wasn’t cast as an example of humanoid robotic perfection simply for the fact he sounds a bit like a machine – he happens to be built like one.

And like any good machine, he requires regular maintenance.

So if anyone thought he would be taking a break from the gym work that helped make him a star, they are sadly mistaken.

Currently getting in shape ahead of his return to the Terminator franchise, Schwarzenegger has been sharing his impressive workout efforts on Instagram.

He started off with a video of him taking on a curl machine and has followed that up with work on an ab crunch machine.

“For a comeback, it’s all about reps, reps, reps,” he told his followers after finishing his set. “There is no magic pill.”

Given his 50+ years of gym experience, he’s probably someone worth listening to in that respect.

Building up muscular endurance is always the first step after a long layoff away from the gym. Don’t go overboard and definitely consult a doctor before returning if you happen to have just undergone heart surgery.

But if there is one guy out there capable of inspiring us all to “put the cookie down” it’s Arnie.

The videos come just months after his old Hollywood rival, Sylvester Stallone, showcased a similar level of gym dedication at the ripe old age of 70.

He’s not undergone heart surgery though.

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