Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inspiring Message For Fan Battling Depression Goes Viral

Schwarzenegger's advice showed a different side to the Terminator actor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER showcased an altogether different side to his personality when responding to a question from a fan struggling with depression.

Mental health issues affect more of the wider public than most people care to admit.

But Schwarzenegger has some inspiring advice for a fan who revealed they were having a tough time of things.

Writing on the /r/bodybuilding subreddit, of which Arnie frequents to offer advice and guidance, a fellow Redditor posted a message asking for some inspiration from the Terminator actor.

“I know this is pandering but, I’ve been depressed for months and haven’t hit the gym during that time,” they wrote.

“Mr. Schwarzenegger, can you please tell me to get off my lazy ass and hit the gym? I swear to everything I hold dear that I will snap out of it and go.”

The Predator star duly obliged though, rather than berate the fan for failing to hit the gym, he offered some kind and sage words of advice.

“I’m not going to be that hard on you,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

“Please don’t be that hard on yourself. We all go through challenges, we all go through failure. Sometimes life is a workout. But the key thing is you get up. Just move a little. Roll out of bed and do some pushups or go for a walk. Just do something. One step at a time, I hope you feel better and get back to the gym. But don’t beat yourself up, because that’s just useless talk. It doesn’t get you closer to the gym. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Good luck.”

The response had the desired effect, with the unnamed Redditor admitting he “jumped out of bed” after getting a reply from his idol.

He even returned to the gym after getting the uplifting message – which didn’t go unnoticed by others on Reddit.

“The fact that you checked back in on this person makes you an amazing mentor to those who aspire to change the world the way you have,” one fan wrote. “Thank you, Mr Schwarzenegger.”

Arnie even returned later to post a video checking in on the fan before signing off with his classic catchphrase “hasta la vista”.

What a guy.

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