Ariel Winter strips off for naked bubble bath time

Do not adjust your screens – this is no sex-fuelled fever dream.

She's making quite the impression. Ariel Winter is coming...

Life can be tough when you are a former child star transitioning into the adult world of movies and television but Ariel Winter appears to be making a decent fist of things.

The Modern Family star has rarely been away from the headlines in recent years.

Firstly, there was the news back in June 2015 that the budding actress underwent breast reduction surgery, having struggled with back problems growing up.

Then in April of this year, it was revealed that the 18-year-old would be heading to college after she was accepted by UCLA.

Due to begin studying law later this year, Winter remains a popular presence on social media with some two million followers already accrued on Instagram.

Much of that could be down to some of the more salacious snaps the actress has been sharing online in recent times.

Ariel Winter on a boat
Cheeky Need we say anymore? Image Instagram

A few days back, Winter was wowing her fans with a rather cheeky holiday snap, put online to celebrate the fact she had reached the two million mark.

But as if that was not enough, the rising Hollywood star decided to go all out with a semi-nude screen grab from one of her upcoming movies.

Pictured posing in a luxurious, candlelit bathtub, at first glance Winter appears to be bearing all.

Bubble bath
Bubble bath Two magic words.

However, the actress insists that “lady bit pasties” are covering any indecent areas.

Taken from upcoming movie ‘Dog Years’ that also stars Burt Reynolds, while the movie is unlikely to receive much in the way of Academy Award attention, this still suggests it could be worth a watch.

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