Ariany Celeste has UFC fans all a-flutter with Instagram snaps

The Queen of the Octagon is back and, boy, is she better than ever

Ariany Celeste More Ariana Grande than Daphne & Celeste

For 10 years now, Ariany Celeste has ruled as UFC’s ultimate ring girl and, despite the passing of time, she looks in no hurry to relinquish her status the Queen of the Octagon.

A tough-as-nails beauty with brains to match, Celeste graduated from College with a degree in fitness and nutrition and certainly seems to have put her studies to good use in the years since.


At the age of 30, there will be some wondering whether Celeste might be considering a change in career path, with more of a focus of modelling over her usual UFC antics.

But something tells us Ariany is not going to be walking away from the ring just yet, having uploaded a series of steamy shots via her Instagram account.


Sporting a striking black netted bikini in one shot, the mixed martial arts enthusiast has aged like a fine wine and before you even think about it, no, that was not a lead in for a joke about her rack.

Her 2.1 million followers also seem to agree, endorsing her recent spate of uploads with a collection of comments both encouraging and creepy.


“Gorgeous you,” writes one fan, clearly channelling his inner Yoda.

“Where can we purchase the swimsuit?” another fan asks, seemingly missing the point of the post in the process.


We’re not sure where you can purchase the swimsuit pal, but we know where you can find Celeste – wherever UFC is.

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