It really is as bad as it sounds.


Argentina World Cup Team’s Manual On How To Pick Up Russian Women Leaked

By Jack Beresford

May 17, 2018

The Argentinian Football Association (AFA) has got a lot of explaining to do.

While other international governing bodies are focused on things like squad selection, training facilities and accommodation ahead of this summer’s World Cup, the AFA apparently has a more pressing concern: women

Evidently, they were of the opinion that Lionel Messi & Co. will be looking for a little female companionship in Russia, they’ve put together a handy guide on how to “score” with local Russian women.

The guide was leaked during an AFA course heled for players coaches, executives and reporters heading to Eastern Europe for the FIFA Tournament.

The course included a manual entitled “Russian Language and Culture”, which was written by Russian language teacher Eduardo Pennisi and approved by the AFA.

Included in the manual was a section entitled”: What to Do to Have a Chance With a Russian Girl”. It caused an uproar in the class when it was first presented and the pages were quickly removed but not before one journalist took a picture of the offending content.

Now Deadspin has gone and had some of the tips translated into English and they make for quite the read:


1. Russian girls like any other girls pay close attention if you’re clean, you smell good and if you go well-dressed. The first impression is very important, they pay attention to your image.

2. Russian girls do not like to feel like objects. Many men, because the Russian women are beautiful, only want to take them to bed. Maybe they want it too, but they are people who want to feel important and unique. The advice is to treat the women who is in front of you with their own ideas and wishes. Pay attention to their values and personality. Don’t ask stupid questions about sex. For the Russians, sex is very private and not a topic to discuss in public. (Maybe you do not believe me, but I know that it is.)

3. Russian girls hate boring men. If you do not have topics to talk about, if you’re just thinking about what to say after, then you are not enjoying the moment as you will be disconnected from it. Remember, you are an immigrant/foreigner and you can speak to her about your country, how you live, or the interesting things that you can see in your country. Remember that it is very important to invite her to participate with your topics. Try to talk with her in a very honest way.

4. Don’t be negative.

The women avoid people that only see the negative things, in the work, in relationships, in life.

5. Do not ask the typical questions, be original, usually they like to know about you, so give them some information about you. Remember many of the girls will not know about your country, so you have an advantage over Russian men, you are new and different. Give her confidence in you.

6. Russian women like the men that take the initiative, if you do not have confidence in the same, then you will need to practice talking with more women.

7. Normally they do not like you to have a monopoly on the conversation. I see that problem in men who are very selfish or sometimes with men who get nervous talking to a pretty girl. In both cases it is necessary that you change your attitude, but for nervous guys, relax, it is only a girl, nothing more.

8. Do not try to impress the girl in the wrong way. Maybe you try to impress her by talking about the money you have, that you know everything, that you are perfect and the others are poor stupid people. In the end, if the girl has a little sense, she will bounce you. Be real and talk about you in real terms, talk about your faults in a fun way and about your positive points.”

Normally Russian women pay attention to important things, but of course you will find girls who only pay attention to material things, in the money, if you are handsome, you tell me. Do not worry, there are many beautiful women in Russia and not all are good for you. Be selective.

Pennisi and AFA have gone on the defensive since the leak.

The AFA admitted they “regreat that this mistake has overshadowed the importance of the day” while Pennisi said he had sent the AFA the text a month ago and “they approved it and they sent it to print”.

Someone clearly didn’t bother to proofread the thing. Someone is clearly about to get fired.