Are you worried you do too many drugs?

How and when to start that difficult conversation.

Cocaine Global Drugs Survey webinar LoadedImage Photo Acid Pix/Flickr

For many people Christmas is all about indulging, whether it’s overdoing the mince pies or tanking too much booze at the office party. But are you worried about your drinking or drug use this Christmas?

Many can cope OK with chemical indulgence – but many can’t. Not really. Or maybe you just need some reassurance.

The big battle can be finding someone you can talk to, especially if you’re worried your mates will rinse you for having any fears about chemical intake. And ignoring the problem can be the real harm.

If you want to stop ignoring any warning signs – and, let’s face it, you really should – then addiction specialist Dr Adam Winstock is sharing practical advice in a one-hour webinar about drugs today. It’s free, objective, anonymous, confidential advice.

Knowing where to get help could prevent your Christmas from being a meltdown.

The webinar is based on psychiatrist Dr Winstock’s 20 years’ clinical experience, as well as feedback from over 200,000 research participants worldwide for Global Drugs Survey, which Dr Winstock founded.

He will highlight common drugs and the red flags to look out for,  as well as offer free tools and services. There is also a 30-minute Q&A for those worried they are heading too fast down the road of excess. 

Through running Global Drugs Survey and experience of treating thousands of people worldwide with problems related to drug and alcohol use, Dr Winstock has developed a framework for assessing and planning health care interventions for people.

He tells Loaded: “My experience working and educating people from across the world has taught me that while the drug might change, the basic principals of acceptance, transparency, engagement, assessment and care planning remain the same.”

Such interventions and the need to see a specialist are only required by a minority of people. It’s far more common people are given signposts to change what they do or how they do it.

So if you are worried you are caning it too hard and too often, here’s a chance to wise up and slam on the brakes.

The webinar is free and to all who register at: Places for the live event will be limited to the first 1,000 people who sign in at 8:00pm (12pm PST) today (Thursday December 17 2015.)

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