Are These Bangkok Waffles Obscene? Some People Think So

The look so wrong but taste so right.

A picture of the penis waffles.
Filled with sausage and cheese. Sounds delicious.

A waffle vendor in Thailand has come under fire for creating a penis-shaped treat that sounds delicious but has been branded obscene by critics.

Ketnita Prasertsomboon operates out of a market stall in western Bangkok, where she has been selling phallic-shaped waffles for the past few months.

The penis-shaped snacks are filled with sausage and cheese, in a combination that sounds both tasty and amusing.

Priced at around 39 baht (Just over a pound in UK money), these delicious looking dicks are best paired with either ketchup or mayonnaise, though they apparently also work surprisingly well with chocolate sauce.

The unique looking waffles have proven a worldwide hit on Facebook too, where a video of them being made racked up a whopping 19 million views in just under two weeks.

Not everyone is amused though, with some hitting out at the treat as obscene and wholly inappropriate. 

Penis waffes are proving popular.
Penis waffles are proving popular. And many not be as obscene as first assumed.

Local celebrity chef Yingsak Chonglertjetsadawong has also hit out at the snack in an interview

“From my time in the food industry, I never thought I would encounter food shaped like genitalia,” she said. “Would you buy this for your parents? Would you put this in a monk’s alms bowl? If a girl aged 7 or 8 was eating it on the street, is that something you’d want to see?”

She called on locals and tourists to boycott the product and to stop posting pictures online posting alongside the indecent waffles.

But before anyone gets too offended, it’s worth noting that, culturally, penis-shaped objects are regarded as good luck charms and talismans in Thailand. So seeing dicks in public isn’t that uncommon in the Far East. Anyone who has ever been to Bangkok probably knew that already though, right?

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