Are The Fight Club’s Main Characters Calvin And Hobbes?

The first rule of the Fight Club is: you do not talk about imaginary tigers from your childhood.

Calvin and Hobbes all grown up Image 20th Century Fox

We all remember Fight Club, and how it ends. Edward Norton’s Narrator is revealed to have imagined Tyler, played by Brad Pitt. But is there more to it?

According to a theory circulating around the Internet, the Narrator and Tyler are none other than the famous comic strip characters Calvin and Hobbes, as there are plenty of similarities between the two pairs.

The same way that Tyler is a figment of the Narrator’s imagination, so is Hobbes part of Calvin’s. This not-so-insane theory states that Norton’s character would be Calvin indeed, while Pitt’s would be Calvin’s imaginary tiger pal.

By the time Calvin gets to seventh grade, he is forced to stop having an imaginary friend, so he “gets rid” of Hobbes and develops a depressive and bitter personality that sticks with him when he reaches adulthood, when he becomes the Narrator from Fight Club.

It is at this point that the Narrator/Calvin would start imagining Hobbes again, but because he is now too old to be imagining talking stuffed animals, Calvin’s brain would choose to imagine Hobbes as a grown-up man, like Tyler Durden.

To find out more about this theory, don’t miss the video below:


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