Are Macaroni And Cheese Toasties Coming To McDonald’s In The UK?

A calorific culinary creation unlike any other previously seen could soon be here.

Mac 'n' cheese toasties Image McDonald's

Mac ‘n’ cheese toasties could soon be on the menu at a McDonald’s very near you if developments abroad are anything to go by.

McDonald’s has never been averse to experimenting with its culinary creations on the continent and beyond, with any number of wild and highly inventive creations finding their way onto the menus of many a far-flung branch of the Golden Arches.

This latest effort could be the one to buck the trend and head over to the UK though given the popularity of macaroni and cheese on British shores.

The Mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation. Available from McCafe restaurants in Hong Kong (for now) it’s essentially a grilled cheese sandwich, served in a panini and filled full of a crazy melted mac and cheese concoction.

It’s probably worth noting that it comes in two equally appealing options: Corn & Cheese Champignon or Bacon, Macaroni & Cheese.

While the former of those two options is a little more specific to the Asian market, where that combination is a popular treat, the latter would undoubtedly find a captive audience in the UK – even if it does sound like the stodgiest, most cheese -filled snack known to man.

McDonald's cheese toasties.
Cheese toasties From McDonald's Image BurgerLad/Twitter

Still some way off finding it’s way to the UK, even if it is just for a limited time, fans could yet convince McDonald’s to trial the offering over here with the restaurant giant so far failing to comment on the fresh speculation.

With everything from pizza to hot dogs making a comeback at McDonald’s, stranger things have happened and, with the fast food giant just about to launch a delivery service, this could be a real winner for anyone seeking a post-hangover snack at home.

Then again, maybe that is just wishful thinking.

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