Are Lace Shorts The New Crazy Fashion Trend For Men?

We thought male rompers were bad...

lace shorts
Think we'll skip this one... Image Getty Images

Male rompers were supposed to be the last hipster fashion trend for this year, but they’ve been swiftly overtaken by pastel lace shorts.

loaded is all for new and exciting fashion trends but lace shorts are just inconvenient, frankly because they catch on everything and washing them would be a nightmare.

Nevertheless, it’s happening, and it all started when top designer Gucci debuted their lace shorts for the summer in 2016.

Now they’re making a comeback a year later, thanks to rapper Cazwell who posted a picture of himself and his crew fitted in the style, in an array of colours no less.

Since Cazwell posted this photo, he’s received almost 10,000 likes and so many opinions. The comments are probably the most intriguing with many bemoaning the arrival of yet another strange fashion trend for men. Many are even calling it men-giere, a play on the word lingerie.

Celebrities are even jumping on the lace train with comedian Dane Cook super imposing his head on each man in the photo in jest. Claiming he “can’t stop looking at myselves.”

We’re hoping this trend dies a quick death, since lace is generally uncomfortable, especially around the ole’ bait and tackle.

Who knows where this style will end up? All we can do now is await the next crazy fashion trend and hope it involves something more comfortable. 

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