Apprentice Star Can’t Look At Gin/Irn Bru Again After F*cking Up Task

Trishna Thakrar admitted to loaded that she enjoyed her final task a little too much.

The Apprentice candidates for 2016.
The Apprentice candidates All of the candidates Image BBC

Axed Apprentice candidate Trishna Thakrar still struggles to even look at gin following her dismissal from the BBC One show.

Speaking exclusively to loaded in the wake of being fired by Lord Sugar, the IT recruitment specialist admitted she may have perhaps had a little “ too much fun” on her final task.

Part of a three-person team alongside Frances Bishop and Grainne McCoy, Trishna and her fellow candidates were tasked with developing their very own brand of gin.

But things got off to a tipsy start when Trishna and Grainne got a little too immersed in a tasting session and missed a raft of calls from Frances who was off developing the product’s design – 19 to be precise.

Unlike the other team, who tasted the powerful booze without actually swallowing it, Trishna and Co. went for a different tactic, which involved basically necking the stuff.


“It was really strong gin – We were tasting percentages of 40% or more. My view was that ‘How am I going to know how strong it is unless I taste it?’” Trishna explained.

“That was the wrong decision. It made me a bit light headed to say the least.”

The avid football fan and entrepreneur made no qualms about missing Frances’ calls either.

“That wasn’t down to me it was the project manager’s responsibility to keep an eye on the phone. Maybe I should have answered it but to be honest we were drinking gin the whole time and just forgot.”

Come the second day and with her fellow candidates commenting on her seemingly dark mood, Trishna had to refute claims she was hung over.

“I definitely wasn’t in the most fantastic mood but that was more because I felt like we had already lost the task. Having that much gin probably didn’t help either though.”

Ultimately, Trishna is willing to admit that the failure of the task came down to her decision to colour the gin orange – a cardinal sin for fans of the popular spirit – rather than the decision to brand it “Colony” gin, a name that has pretty negative connotations in 2016.

“The suggestion for the colour cost us orders and I have to take responsibility for that. There were other things – the label or the branding but the colour was probably the worst bit.”

Despite feeling “gutted” to lose out, Trishna had few complaints about her performance on the show and certainly went out on a high with a task that was “definitely one of the most enjoyable” even if it has put her off a few things for life.

“I won’t be drinking any Irn Bru again that’s for sure. I’m not a big gin drinker either but I must admit every time I see it now it does bring back those memories so it probably won’t be my first choice at the bar.”

The Apprentice returns to BBC One on Thursday at 9pm

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