Apprentice candidates stand accused of raunchy bed-hopping antics

It’s against the rules of The Apprentice for candidates to cohabitate.

The Apprentice candidates for 2016.
The Apprentice candidates All of the candidates Image BBC

Four of Britain’s best business minds competing on The Apprentice appear to have spent more time focusing on the bedroom than the boardroom, if fresh speculation is to be believed.

The Mirror is reporting that the fab foursome of Grainee McCoy, Paul Sullivan, Jessica Cunningham and Courtney Wood have all faced accusations of getting a little too up-close-and-personal on the show.

An insider told the newspaper that Cunningham and Wood coupled up while on the show, with Sullivan and McCoy also implicated in the expose.

“Both couples would suddenly disappear and there were several times they’d be found upstairs under the covers, kissing,” the source told the newspaper.

“Production team researchers had to go into one of the girl’s rooms and tell the boys to move back to their own beds.”

Grainee McCoy, Paul Sullivan from The Apprentice
Grainee McCoy and Paul Sullivan The pair got together on The Apprentice. Image BBC/The Apprentice

Under the rules of the show, sex is prohibited in the house, with Lord Sugar unlikely to look favourably on the antics – as though he ever looks favourably on anything.

The report claims Grainne made a move on McCoy with the relationship ultimately fizzling out since filming finished due to the geographical distance between the pair and their respective businesses.

Cunningham and Wood, meanwhile, were reported to have struck up a close bond on the show, often seeking comfort from each other during some of the more testing times on the task-led programme.

Courtney Wood and Jessica Cunningham from The Apprentice.
Courtney Wood and Jessica Cunningham One of the two Apprentice pairings. Image BBC/The Apprentice

A one-time Strip club worker who may or may not have once featured on the pages of loaded, Cunningham reportedly took to calling Wood C-Dubz, though the pair failed to stay together once the show finished.

The co-owner of luxury lingerie brand Prodigal Fox, Cunningham has quickly emerged as one of the candidates to watch on the show, having branded herself the “female Jim Carrey.”

Here’s hoping everything works out “alrighty then” for the 29-year-old.

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