Apprentice candidate addresses reports on stripper and pole dancer past

Jessica Cunningham has revealed she briefly worked in a strip club. Big deal.

Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice.
The Apprentice Lord Sugar will see you now. Image BBC

Apprentice candidate Jessica Cunningham has offered up a response to the claims she previously worked as a stripper and pole dancer before making her name an an entrepreneur.

The Mirror reported that the online fashion businesswoman allegedly worked as a stripper and pole dancer, earning anywhere between £40 and £300 a night.

In a surreal twist, the report’s “source” also suggested Cunningham had a favourite song to perform to – Tina Turner’s Private Dancer. Hmmm, sounds dubious.

Anyway, despite the claims of the tabloid press, Cunningham has moved to clarify that her time spent in said establishment was brief and more about earning some extra cash than anything else.

Jessica Cunningham from The Apprentice
Jessica Cunningham The Apprentice candidate has come clean. Image Jessica Cunningham Twitter/@TheProdigalFox

The Derbyshire-born business owner told the Sunday People: “I briefly worked in a strip club a long time ago for a couple of months and this is very much a part of my past.”

Cunningham certainly has a point – who among us has not looked back with regret on some former job that got us out of a financial bind once upon a time? Something tells us you don’t get reminded about doing those jobs on a regular basis, either.

And who among us could say that, at a younger and more naïve age, we too would not have taken up a job that paid you handsomely to do something that is, whether you like it or not, entirely legal? Thought so.

Fans will see another side of Cunningham soon enough with the co-owner of Prodigal Fox set to make her Apprentice debut. 

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