This Naked Selfie App Is Too Hot For Google Play And Apple

In The Nood

Melina Image MSA Models

A model has designed an app called Nood with digital true to life stickers to cover female private parts on Instagram.

Melina DiMarco is a model with MSA Models in New York City and noticed along with everyone else that Instagram thinks men nips are less offensive than lady nips. So DiMarco has joined the ranks of the #freethenipple campaign and got her tech on.

Unfortunately the powers that be at Apple and the Google Play app store have rejected the application, claiming her technology promotes “explicit” content. She along with many others agree that this is ridiculous since we all have the same body parts, so who cares?


DiMarco spoke to StyleCaster about the reason’s behind her innovation: 

“I wanted to share work that made me feel empowered, which sometimes involved nudity as creative expression…Everywhere I looked, I only saw negative x’s and bars or cutesy hearts covering female nipples. It was extremely limiting knowing I could only resort to these options or be reported as inappropriate.”

How does it work? 

It’s pretty simple, like any other photo-sharing app, you choose the colour of your nipple and skin tone, then start sticking on selfies, belfies and the like. 


We at loaded say, more power to her. Free the nipple! 

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