A New App Has Been Developed To Help Save Lives During A Terror Attack

Run, hide, tell

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A new app called CitizenAID has been developed to quickly teach civilians involved in a terrorist attack to both stay safe and apply emergency care to injured parties, whether it be from a shooting, stabbing or bombing.

Due to the heightened and dangerous circumstances surrounding an attack, it can sometimes take precious time to secure a scene before paramedics can move in safely. A team of medical and military professionals created CitizenAID so that anyone can begin life-saving procedures before medics take over.

Brigadier Tim Hodgetts (medical director of the defence medical services), Sir Keith Porter (a professor of clinical traumatology), Andre Thurgood, (a consultant nurse and senior advanced clinical practitioner in emergency medicine) and Colonel Peter Mahoney (immediate past defence professor of anaesthesia and critical care) have all collaborated to contribute their extensive knowledge into the steps listed in the application.

Speaking to the BBC, the founders claim that CitizenAID is based on the skills learned in the midst of battle.

“I have treated hundreds of soldiers whose lives have been saved by simply the applications of tourniquets when they have been shot or blown up. Teaching individual soldiers these skills has saved lives,” explained Sir Keith Porter to the news agency.

So how does it work?

The app, website and accompanying pocket book details how to deal with injuries.

Using the MIST system (Mechanism, Injury, Signs, and Treatment) an able bodied person can tap in such information about a casualty before swiping left and continuing to the procedures necessary to keep them alive.

If the patient is bleeding profusely, the app provides a range of ways to quell the bleeding using day to day objects such as a tie, shirt or sock. It also has an option for when the person in unresponsive, showing the user how to clear an airway and position the body correctly with useful visuals.



CitizenAID also provides help with preparation as UK security services say a future terror attack is imminent. They urge citizens to be aware, observant and ready. Surprisingly one of the first actions they suggest taking is to turn your phone to silent once you are hidden away safely.

The app is now available for free on both Apple and Google Play.

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