The ‘Next Kate Upton’ Antje Utgaard Reveals Plans To Conquer Hollywood

The model has plans to branch out into comedy

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22-year-old Antje Utgaard has been hailed a “gift from the Instagram Gods.”

Makes sense, since the beauty’s name somewhat resembles that of a Nordic goddess. She looks like one too, with her towering height, golden tresses and bronzed skin and now she has her sights set on acting.

Once dubbed by Playboy as the “next, next Kate Upton,” Utgaard certainly shares more than a passing resemblance to the Sports Illustrated favourite.

Not that she is entirely unhappy with such comparisons, previously telling “I was once aspiring to be like Kate Upton, I love her and I’ve always been a fan of hers.”

She’s continuing to shoot for the stars too with plans afoot to branch out into acting in a way similar to Upton, except hopefully better.

“Ideally I’d like to get into a comedy series. Something like Friends or How I Met Your Mother.” 

Something like two of the most successful sitcoms of all-time? You and us both, Antje.

Mind you, if her Vine appearances are anything to go by, fans may well be looking at the next gorgeous funny girl to make it big in the world of TV and film.  

“While I want to keep that title [Next, Next Kate Upton] I also want to become something more like Sophia Vergara — to be the hot, funny girl,” she previously explained to

She’s been uploading a few self-produced comedy sketches to Facebook to showcase her chops and judging by the video below, she’s actually quite funny. 

Her Hollywood adventure, started when she went to a celebrity-filled Halloween party dressed as a very sexy bavarian barmaid last October, having only just moved to Los Angeles from her hometown in Wisconsin.

Before that, her first month in the City of Angels had been tough, “When I got to LA it became a bit of a flatline with followers,” she said to Australian publication.

But that all changed after that magic Halloween bash, with Antje waking the next day to discover she had amassed a further 40,000 followers on Instagram, with that number continuing to grow in the time since.

My beautiful bitch ?? @channingtatum #trickortreat #oktoberfest #catinthehat #casamigos #halloween #killingit

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Who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing Ms. Utgaard in a comedy with the hilarious Channing Tatum soon. Anything is possible with Antje.

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