This Harrison Ford lookalike is the perfect man to play a young Han Solo

Anthony Ingruber has already played a young Harrison Ford on the big screen.

Harrison Ford and Anthony Ingruber
Han so good We're beginning to wonder whether Harrison Ford may actually be Anthony Ingruber's father Image Press Association

Disney and Lucasfilm may have moved one-step closer to casting a young Han Solo for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off adventure, but in ignoring rising star Anthony Ingruber they are missing out on the ideal man to replace Harrison Ford.

Alden Ehrenreich, Jack Reynor and Taron Egerton have emerged as the three actors shortlisted for the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Though there are some claims that more names could be on the top-secret shortlist, Disney has so far refused to comment on the mounting speculation.

As many as 10 different actors are rumoured to have screen tested for the part with the likes of Miles Teller and Brooklyn star Emory Cohen both thought to have been considered.

Ingruber, meanwhile, has garnered plenty of support with fans online.

Already the subject of his own hashtag, #IngruberForSolo, and with as many as three petitions calling for the Canadian to be cast in the role of Solo, Ingruber had looked a shoo-in to make the final shortlist.

Anthony Ingruber Harrison Ford The Age Of Adaline
Seeing Double Anthony Ingruber is the spitting image of a young Harrison Ford. Image Picture Anthony Ingruber/Twitter

Not least for the fact that he had already played a young Harrison Ford in recent big screen drama The Age of Adaline, garnering praise from Ford in the process.

“He’s a very talented young actor. He’s got a very complicated part to play [as a younger version of himself in Age of Adaline] and I think he’s great,” Ford said.

Meanwhile, a clip of Ingruber doing a near-perfect impression of Han Solo has also proven popular with those lobbying for the young actor.

Then there are his previous dealings with Lucasfilm, who reportedly approached Ingruber to voice the part of Solo in the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Anthony Solo Anthony Ingruber's spot-on Harrison Ford impression.

Whether that will be enough to see him at the very least considered for the part is something of an unknown though.

One school of thought, for example, suggests Disney and Lucasfilm may prefer to cast an emerging star like Egerton or Ehrenreich rather than a relative unknown.

Having encountered criticism for the casting of Jake Lloyd and later Hayden Christiansen in the role of Anakin Skywalker, this time round they could opt to hedge their bets.

But there could be hope on the horizon. With Steven Spielberg and Ford are set to re-team for a fifth Indiana Jones instalment, Ingruber could perhaps turn his talents towards a spot of archaeology, Indy style.

If it’s him or Shia Leboeuf, we know which we would rather see!

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