Anthony Ingruber: “Harrison Ford’s first comment was ‘Anthony is a miracle'”

We spoke to the man who could be the next Han Solo or Indiana Jones depending on who you believe

Meeting Han Solo Image Lionsgate

With his boyish good looks, wry smile and commanding voice, Anthony Ingruber certainly warrants comparison with a young Harrison Ford.

Maybe that’s why the internet has adopted Ingruber as the next Han Solo in waiting. That’s been helped by Ingruber’s spot-on impression of the Star Wars favourite and a part as Ford’s younger self in fantasy drama The Age Of Adaline.

Ingruber has garnered plenty of praise from the industry and, though he appears to be absent from the most recent rumoured shortlist of actors to play Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off prequel, he looks destined for big things.

With hopes still high that Ingruber could yet be heading to a galaxy far, far away, we sat down to discuss all things Ford, Star Wars and Steven Spielberg with the 26-year-old.

Anthony in action Anthony Ingruber is Han Solo.

Loaded: How does it feel that so many fans are backing you as the next Han Solo?

Ingruber: It’s been an amazing thing to receive so much praise and support from so many people around the world, including die-hard Star Wars fans.  As a fan myself, I’m well aware of how beloved the franchise is.

Loaded: What’s the most out-there moment you’ve experienced since the online campaign to see you as the next Han Solo started?

Ingruber: The whole situation is wild!  The whole campaign being run by the fans – the tweets, hashtags and the numerous petitions – has been wonderful.

I’m overwhelmed that my YouTube impressions and relatively small role in The Age Of Adaline has had such an impact.  I honestly didn’t expect such a reaction. Not only am I deeply grateful, but it’s encouraged me to do all I can to make this happen.

Loaded: As a Star Wars fan: in what order would you rank the films? Worst to best and including both Episode VII and the prequels.

Ingruber: I’m not sure how I would rank them. My favorite is The Empire Strikes Back, purely because of the drama and cinematography, but I don’t think I have one that ranks as ‘Worst’. They’re all great in their own way. I saw the original trilogy when I was six and loved it.

When the prequels came out, I also loved them. I think I fell into the age range that the prequels appealed to, so I didn’t really understand the harsher backlash from fans about that series.

Loaded: We read that you came close to voicing the character of Han Solo in the Star Wars animated series – why did it not end up happening?

Ingruber: Several years ago when I was living in Toronto, my previous agent received a message that the Star Wars rebels team had seen my Han Solo impression on YouTube and were really interested in having me come aboard to voice a character.

They were very vague as to who the character would actually be. I read a few scenes for them, and the response was very positive. 

Then my agent received another message saying there had been some kind of internal turnaround, and the idea had been scrapped. That was a huge disappointment, as it would have been an awesome gig and a great way to break into the industry.

The new Harrison Ford?
The new Harrison Ford? Anthony Ingruber is more than just a Harrison Ford lookalike Image Lionsgate

Loaded: You worked with Harrison Ford on The Age Of Adaline – what was it like to come face to face with one of your idols?

Ingruber: After my first day of shooting, the crew of Adaline were discussing my resemblance to Harrison Ford and were aware of how much of a fan I was. They were interested to see what Harrison’s reaction would be meeting me in person. 

Unbeknownst to me, they were working behind the scenes to set up a meeting for me before Harrison wrapped shooting and returned to the US.

I was tapped on the shoulder and led out of the big house they used in the film as the family home. The crew were waiting with their cameras in a big semi-circle.  I was shaking in my boots at the idea of meeting my childhood hero, and trying my absolute best to remain composed and professional.

It was such a relief to discover that Harrison is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. The whole experience was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Such a great moment and something I’m very grateful for.

Loaded: Did Harrison Ford ever get to see your Han Solo impression?

Ingruber: I’m unsure whether he has seen my YouTube impression, but I was told by the director Lee Toland Krieger that, after seeing the film, Harrison’s first comment was “Anthony is a miracle”. 

That floored me and I’m so proud that he loved my performance. Coming from him, that means everything to me. 

Loaded: When you first uploaded the video of you doing a Han Solo impression, did you ever think it would become as big as it has?

Ingruber: I had no idea. It was actually my mom’s idea to upload my impression reel to YouTube.

I was 16 at the time and was passionate about becoming an actor, but unsure how to go about accomplishing that.  It is such a cool twist that the first video I uploaded as a teenager got me my first film role playing the young Harrison.

Loaded: What are you five favourite Harrison Ford movies?

Ingruber: Blade Runner, Witness, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and The Fugitive.

Anthony in portrait
Anthony in portrait Ingruber is currently working on a game for Oculus Drift Image David Chang

Loaded: Ford has just signed on to do another Indiana Jones film with Steven Spielberg – would you ever consider playing a young Indy? You’d be a good fit, obviously…

Ingruber: I would leap at the chance to work with Harrison again. Indiana Jones and the legendary Steven Spielberg would be amazing. It simply does not get better than that.

Loaded: Then there is the new Blade Runner. Could you see yourself playing a Replicant?

Ingruber: Haha! I think that would be a lot of fun. Blade Runner actually ties with The Shining as my favourite movie of all time.  I’m pretty sure I can recite the entire movie verbatim, having seen it so many times.

Loaded: What are you working on at the moment?
Ingruber: I am working on voicing the protagonist in a new videogame called Private Eye for the virtual reality Oculus rift.  I have a few other projects that I’m working on, but unfortunately nothing I can announce at this time. 

You can follow Ingruber on Twitter or Facebook while his website also offers updates on his latest projects including any potential roles in the upcoming Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. 

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