Another Man Has Managed To Shoot His Penis Off With A Gun

An alarming number of blokes have suffered this fate – is it time for a change to the laws?

A gun in America.

Another man has pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of shooting his own penis off in a gun-related accident that could prompt a serious rethink about the rules surrounding firearm ownership in the US.

38-year-old Cedric Jelks from Jacksonville Florida was taken to hospital after sitting on a gun that was lying in the driver’s seat of his car, triggering the bullet, already loaded in the chamber, in the process.

While it’s unclear whether doctors were able to save what remained of his private parts, News4Jax is reporting that police are, at this time, unclear as to how exactly a loaded and cocked firearm was left in such a precarious position.

Shanekia Roberts took Mr Jelks to the hospital, after he emerged from his Nissan Altima, looking pained, before rushing into her home and heading straight for the bathroom.

Following him into the house, she soon discovered he had suffered a gunshot wound to the penis and immediately took him to hospital.

Police were called by doctors, who are required by law to report incidents of this kind involving firarms. And while it might seem like something of a freak occurrence, figures suggest gunshot wounds to the penis are way more common than you might think.

Figures show that, from 2010 onwards and including this latest incident, a total of eight men in the US alone have managed to accidentally shoot their dicks off with a gun.

That works out at a rate of slightly more than one a year, with the majority of these firearm related incidents the result of guys trying to un-holster a gun from their trousers.

It’s part of a wider problem of self-inflicted gun shot wounds in the US, which add further weight to the argument that tighter controls on firearms are required.

Figures released from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control indicate that there were 73,883 non-fatal firearms accidents last year with an astonishing 20 per cent of those being unintentional.

It could be time to change the law, before more good people – and good penises – end up getting hurt.

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