Meet Anna Nyström, Instagram’s new fitness selfie queen

Swedish model and fitness fanatic has over 2 million followers on her social media account.

Anna Nyström
Who me? Anna has taken Instagram by storm. Image Anna Nyström

She may not be a familiar name yet, but one model has managed to quietly land herself over two million Instagram followers – and it’s not difficult to see why.

Blonde Swedish model Anna Nyström, who is also a fitness fanatic, barely goes a day without posting at least one Instagram image, much to the delight of her worldwide legions of fans.

Nyström, who hails from Stockholm, also manages to find time away from selfies to run a fitness and fashion blog.

Anna Nyström
Casual Friday Anna having a lazy day. Image Anna Nyström

And in case you haven’t noticed, the 23-year-old’s main focus during her gruelling workouts is on her impressive posterior. Her routine includes weight lifting, overhead squats and weighted pistols (no, us neither).

Nyström is also fond of lifting large tractor tyres around the gym on occasion…

Things are now set to get busy for Nyström, who was recently picked out by Playboy in the US as one to watch for the year ahead.

Anna Nyström
This little thing? Anna prepares to hit the gym. Image Anna Nyström

Nyström has also recently embraced YouTube and begun to upload her own videos, where you can see her frolicking around on a beach and engaging in some tedious-looking squats while hanging by the poolside.

If you’re feeling energetic and have some weights to hand, you can put yourself through Nyström’s tough crossfit class by taking her lead from the video posted below.

On the other hand, you can just watch it…

Aside from that, we can’t find out much more about Nyström, as she seems to just let her pictures do the on her various social media channels. Despite her burgeoning Instagram count, Nyström doesn’t appear to have done any media interviews, and little seems to be known about her away from her photos and fitness videos.

Congratulations to Nyström for managing to stay so low-key. So far.

We’ll leave it there then…


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