Animal Fight Club: The Brilliantly Bonkers Alternative To Planet Earth 2

The first rule of Animal Fight Club is that you do not talk about Animal Fight Club.

A clip from Animal Fight Club on National Geographic.
Animal Fight Club Brutal but brilliant television. Image National Geographic

If the BBC’S Planet Earth 2 is the elder statesman of nature documentary series then Animal Fight Club is its brash American cousin.

Like the American equivalent of Police Camera Action, America’s Wildest Police Chases, this is nature at its most brutal and brilliant.

Produced by National Geographic, on the surface of it the show sounds like all kinds of wrong – viewers essentially tuning in to watch animals fight to the death for their enjoyment.

But these fights are not stage-managed but instead part of the natural circle of life, which apparently involves lions, crocodiles, elephants and any number of assorted beasts bashing the shit out of each other.

There’s also an educational element to proceedings, with viewers learning more about the various tools at the disposal of these animals in their battle for survival.

To top it all off, there is a crazy voiceover guy who ups the ante and gives the whole thing an added layer of drama.

With episodes on everything from two Tigers duking it out to a royal rumble involving a couple of rhinos, it’s all pretty bonkers and, best of all, available to enjoy on UK screens now thanks to the Channel 5 affiliated channel Spike.

Planet Earth 2 may boast incredible camera work and fascinating insight, but when it comes to balls to the wall action it has to be Animal Fight Club.

All together now: “The first rule of Animal Fight Club is…”

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