Meet controversial Swedish starlet Ängie: “It’s good to be a hard motherf***er”

The most provocative singer of 2016 talks girl power, legalising Marijuana and teenage rebellion.

Ängie This could be the most controversial star of 2016.

There are provocative acts making music in 2016, and then there’s Ängie…

The Swedish star has been labelled the ‘most controversial artist of the year’ after releasing her debut single, and when you consider the song is called Smoke Weed Eat Pussy, it’s easy to see why.

The break-through track is inspired by Ängie’s experiments with sexual orientation – think Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl on steroids – and features one of the raunchiest videos you’ll see all year.

loaded spoke to the unique artist about sexuality, teenage rebellion, marijuana legalisation and what it means to be a “boss ass bitch” making music in 2016.

loaded: What made you want to release a song about smoking weed and eating pussy?

Ängie: It’s about my teenage life. When I was 15 I thought I was gay. I am gay, but I’m bisexual not lesbian. I went through a phase where I was just eating pussy and smoking weed the whole time. So it’s just a fun song about teenage rebellion.

loaded: Are they things you still do now, or just when you were younger?

Ängie: I still smoke weed, but I have a boyfriend now, so I don’t think he would appreciate me eating pussy all the time. It’s a true story though.

“I’ve got feministic power behind everything I do. I got boss ass bitches behind me.”

loaded: You’ve been called the most controversial singer of 2016. Is that something you’re quite proud of?

Ängie: It’s definitely fun. I don’t think it’s that controversial… well, I guess it might be. It’s just a regular fun sound to me, and people are freaking out. But it’s good, yeah, I’m kinda proud.

loaded: What do you think makes you controversial? 

Ängie: I think it’s the nature of the video, because it’s so pink and so female. If Snoop had been rapping these lyrics no one would give a damn, they would just be happy having him on the right track again. But when I do it, it’s not ok because I have pink hair and I’m a little girl… I’ve got feministic power behind everything I do. I got boss ass bitches behind me.


loaded: Do you think it’s important to be a strong feminist?

Ängie: Yeah of course. You have to have a sense of humour as well. Yeah I think it’s good to be a hard motherf**ker, without people telling you, ‘you can’t do that because you’re a girl’. Yeah it’s all about girl power.

loaded: How did you come up with all your nicknames?

Ängie: That’s just fun. I have so many nicknames, mostly like, self-proclaimed. I call myself ‘weed whore’, ‘lil’ weed hoe’, ‘hoe’, ‘Ängie hoe’, ‘baby girl’, like everything. ‘F**king Ängie’ is the most popular one.

loaded: The video for Smoke Weed Eat Pussy has got loads of people talking. Was it your intention to be provocative with it?

Ängie: Yeah, of course. I was like, ‘how are you going to hit the music industry if you don’t have anything that sticks out?’ I needed to go in with a boom. I have lots of songs that are controversial, but not as much as this one.

loaded: Are you really smoking in the video?

Ängie: Yeah, I was smoking weed. But we couldn’t smoke in the studio, so we used a vaporiser to make it look it, because they were going to charge us more if we ruined the studio. But we went outside and smoked for real. So I was high all day that day.


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loaded: Are you proud to be a stoner?

Ängie: Yeah, of course, like why wouldn’t I be? Weed is not really a drug to me. It helps so many people, with like Parkinson’s, and if you feel like shit, or you’re suicidal, it can help you so much. That’s the reason why I started smoking. I had like so low self-esteem. I’ve got ADD, I’m borderline, so it really helped me focus and get to know myself.

“The only reason [weed is] illegal is because they don’t know how to make money out of it.”

loaded: Do you think it should be made legal?

Ängie: It’s stupid that it’s even illegal. The only reason why it’s illegal is because they don’t know how to make money out of it. So it’s stupid. It’s so stupid.

loaded: Is that a message you want to get across with your music? Legalise weed?

Ängie: After girl power, yeah. it’s like, ‘why are you so stupid?’. It’s a herb. We should appreciate it because mother nature gave us this. Instead they are giving away prescription drugs like benzoyl, which messes up your mind. But weed just makes you one with nature. Now I feel like such a hippie, but it’s true!

loaded: Who else do you think is spreading that message with their music?

Ängie: Snoop Dog has always been pushing for them to legalise it. Wiz is also doing it… a lot of people, but they’re from countries where it is more ‘ok’. In Sweden, it’s not ok to smoke weed. They’re like, ‘it’s a dangerous drug and you’re going to die’. It’s so weird. If I tell a regular boy or girl that I use it, they think I’m a real hard drug user because they don’t know the facts behind it. It’s just sad… I hate the law book here. I’m so anarchistic.

Ängie “It’s good to be a hard motherf***er”

loaded: Is there anyone making music right now that inspires you?

Ängie: I’m artsy as f**k, so the music isn’t the very first thing that makes me like them. It’s all about how they show it, like in the music videos and press photos. They have to have a typical style and use typical colours, and have a strong image. Like Tyler the Creator, he’s one of my favourites. He’s always been that because he’s so great with everything he does. He’s got a great sense of humour too. Lana Del Rey has always been really big for me too. She’s so good with her fans. But there are a lot of people who inspired me, like Grimes and Wiz Khalifa.

loaded: What’s the one message you want fans to take away from your music? 

Ängie: To not have someone tell you what to do. You are you, and you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to be what society wants you to be. I just want people to be free to do whatever they want, and not have any authority tell them what’s ok, and what’s not ok. F**k them!

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