Move over Jolie, here’s your new favourite Angelina

Angelina Kirsch is a German model with killer curves.

Angelina Kirsch
Move over,Jolie Angelina Kirsch is your new favourite Angie. Image Picture Angelina Kirsch/Instagram

Forget about Ms Jolie-Pitt for a second, there’s a new Angelina in town and she’ll rocket straight to the top of your favourite Angie list.

Yes, ahead of Jolie, Harmon, Dickinson and even Merkel (let’s be honest, even her nearest and dearest would think twice before calling her “Angie”).

Your new number one is Angelina Kirsch, a German plus-size model who’s embracing her size and has self-branded as “Curvy Model”.

Like Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham, Kirsch thinks that women have to feel positive about the way they look regardless of their shape or size. Forget about supposed conventions, for Kirsch it’s all about feeling comfortable in yourself.

This is a sentiment we can all get behind.

Angelina Kirsch
Union Jack Angelina Kirsch doing her best for Anglo-German relations. Image Picture Angelina Kirsch/Instagram

Kirsch will further endure herself to the British population with an Instagram snap to solidify Anglo-German relations. Seen above, she’s posing on a bed clad only in a Union Jack wooly jumper and cosy socks. Take that, Geri Halliwell.

“I am glad that I do not have to go hungry. That would be nothing for me.”

Kirsch’s Instagram feed is also packed with the kind of motivational quotes that should be slapped up on posters and meme’d forevermore.

“You’re perfect,” she wrote in her latest post. “No matter what kind of body shape you have, feel good and beautiful and sexy in your skin! We are all different so let’s be proud and celebrate the diversity.”

In a recent interview with Bild, Kirsch admitted that saying no to food is not something she’s in favour of.

“I am glad that I do not have to go hungry. That would be nothing for me,” she explained.

Kirsch is already a fairly big star in her native Germany, filming adverts and posing front and centre for various shoots.

How long before she’s making waves elsewhere?

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