This Angelina Jolie Fan Has ‘Had 50 Surgeries’ To Look Like Her Idol

Angelina Jolie and her superfan

An Angelina Jolie obsessed super-fan has left her Instagram followers stunned after sharing photos showcasing the extreme steps she has taken to look like her movie idol.

22-year-old Sahar Tabar boasts an impressive 334,000 followers on the social media platform where she regularly shares photographs of herself.

But it’s here that things get a bit murky; the Tehran-born twentysomething’s snaps show her sporting some very Angelina-like cheekbones, along with the signature Jolie family pout.

sahartabar_official/Instagram Image sahartabar_official/Instagram

It’s not exactly the most natural of looks either – with Tabar’s nose sharing more in common with the late Michael Jackson than Angelina Jolie.

Many of her fans appear wise to this too, and seem to be following the youngster online out of
something approaching morbid curiousity.

sahartabar_official/Instagram Image sahartabar_official/Instagram

There are conflicting stories as to what exactly is going on with her face though.

Belgian website Sud Info previously reported that Sahar’s goal was to look like the actress. They added that the 22-year-old has already lost around 40kg and undergone multiple surgical procedures to look like Jolie.

sahartabar_official/Instagram Image sahartabar_official/Instagram

But others are less convinced, claiming that her looks are actually the result of some very clever prosthetics and make-up work.

For one thing, her nose and cheekbones appear to change shape and position in several of the images she has posted online.

For another, the look she has been left with is pretty unusual and not something you would necessarily pay top dollar for. Then again, Jackson wasn’t exactly photogenic by the end of his near-endless cycle of surgeries.

There is one picture that strongly suggest the youngster went under the knife at least once though:

sahartabar_official/Instagram Image sahartabar_official/Instagram

One thing pretty much everyone can agree on though is that she is definitely wearing contact lenses of some kind. So at least there is that.

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