And the most searched for people on Google in 2015 are…

There are some surprising results in Google’s list of Britain’s most searched-for 2015 events.

Adele's Hello was popular on Google

What have Lady Colin Campbell, Jeremy Corbyn and UFC warrior Ronda Rousey got in common?

Other than being superb MMA fighters, they’re all among the top British searches in Google for 2015.

Google’s annual power list of the most searched for people and topics throws up some surprising results.

Who’d have guessed that Rousey would be the most searched sports personality, ahead of Jurgen Klopp? Or that Klopp’s new club Liverpool would actually win a title, even if it is only of the most searched Premier League side? (With Hull finishing fifth, despite being relegated.)

There are reminders of sad stories in Google’s list, as the late Cilla Black, Corrie actress Anne Kirkbride and rugby great Jonah Lomu all feature.

Basketball star Lamar Odom’s troubles, when he was found unconscious in a brothel, led to a huge spike in his fame as people searched for the sensational details of his health battles.

Adele’s comeback single Hello unsurprisingly tops the songs most searched for. But why is last year’s hit All About That Bass still in the Top Five? (Unless it was journalists reminding themselves how to spell Meghan Trainor.)

And why doesn’t Star Wars: The Force Awakens come in the Top Five films instead of the Jurassic World monstrosity?

Maybe the second-most searched for How To explains all: How to get rid of brain freeze…


Female Celebrities

Cilla Black

Lady Colin Campbell

Anne Kirkbride


Caitlyn Jenner


Male Celebrities

Jeremy Clarkson

Lamar Odom

Perez Hilton

Charlie Sheen

Spencer Matthews



Jurassic World

50 Shades Of Grey

Fast And Furious 7


American Sniper




Uptown Funk

Take Me To Church

See You Again

All About That Bass


How To

How to lose belly fat

How to get rid of brain freeze

How to lose weight quickly

How to use the new Snapchat update

How to register to vote


News moments

Rugby World Cup

Paris attacks

The Grand National

Charlie Hebdo

Lamar Odom

Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge
Title-winning Liverpool Daniel Sturridge searches for when he last got injured. Image Picture Stu Forster/Getty Images


Ronda Rousey

Jonah Lomu

Rio Ferdinand

Jurgen Klopp

Adam Johnson



Jeremy Corbyn

Charles Kennedy

David Cameron

Ed Miliband

Chuka Ummuna


Football teams







TV shows



Sritictly Come Dancing


Game Of Thrones

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